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China and climate change: Perceptions and reality

How do New Zealanders assess China’s response to climate change?  We recently had a unique opportunity to work with InstatData, a kiwi start-up which analyses social media posts to gauge New Zealanders’ opinions on particular issues.  We put their technology to the test to focus on China and climate change,… Read More

Understanding China’s 20th Communist Party Congress

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China took place recently in Beijing. The pivotal five-yearly event in China’s political calendar drew global interest.  But beyond the media headlines, what were the key outcomes of the Congress and how could these affect China’s policy directions and New Zealand’s… Read More

Celebrating New Zealand Chinese Language Week

This week is New Zealand Chinese Language Week. We sat down with our Council members Kiri Nathan, founder of her eponymous clothing brand Kiri Nathan Limited, and Mark Tanner, Founder and Managing Director of Shanghai based market strategy and research agency China Skinny, to explore their own Chinese language journeys. Read More

Growth and exposure: How to Assess the NZ-China Trade Relationship?

In late April the New Zealand China Council released a report commissioned from Sense Partners, “In Perspective: The New Zealand-China Trade and Business Relationship 2022 Update”.  Amongst other findings, the report confirmed that China’s share of New Zealand’s global goods exports reached 32.6% in 2021. How we assess this situation… Read More

Launching the Southern Link!

The Southern Link places New Zealand in the middle of a global value chain connecting Asia and South America, generating growth in trade, tourism and export opportunities. Transiting via New Zealand offers the shortest air route between many major cities on the two continents, along with time zone advantages and… Read More

International education update

A year on, we reconnect with the education sector to discuss the impact of Covid-19. Our guests, Derek McCormack (Vice Chancellor – AUT), Danny Chan (Co-founder – ACG and Director – UP Education) and  Ainslie Moore (Deputy Director – International, Auckland University) discuss the impact of Covid-19 on their institutions, explain how they have pivoted, how… Read More

Kiri Nathan on fashion, cultural connection and what resonates with consumers

Kiri Nathan is the founder of her eponymous clothing brand Kiri Nathan Ltd. Kiri has been travelling to China for years, a journey that started with sourcing fabric from one of the world’s largest textile markets. In this podcast we speak with Kiri about her China experience, including taking a hīkoi of young designers to market – which has led… Read More

Magic Memories discuss China market entry

It’s not necessarily about providing the lowest priced product that will make you a success in China… it’s about being able to add value and continue to create value. Magic Memories started as fast photo service for tourists on the Queenstown gondola more than 20 years ago. It is now… Read More

John Cochrane on his China Tech Journey

New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCTA) and North Asia CAPE recently hosted a technology focused breakfast seminar featuring John Cochrane, General Manager of Facteon Intelligent Technology. John has had a fascinating China journey, working across both the private and public sectors on China focused business. John was CEO… Read More

A conversation with Australia-China expert James Laurenceson

How has the Australia-China relationship changed over the last few years? What has been the impact of the spill-over of politics into the economic realm? Have views on China become more polarised, and what is the impact of increased tensions on Australia’s Chinese community? These are some of the topics… Read More

NZCCRC Webinar on the Chinese Economy

This podcast is a webinar from the NZ Contemporary China Research Centre’s annual conference, which brings together leading scholars to examine key issues in China studies for New Zealand. In this webinar David Dollar, senior fellow in the John L. Thornton China Centre at the Brookings Institute, discusses the challenges… Read More

Mark Tanner’s China market insights

“A lot of these Chinese companies are just much more dynamic and take more of a Lean Start-up approach. And I think as New Zealand companies exporting, we need to be aware of the way they operate. And in some cases, try and replicate some of the structural advantages.” What… Read More

NZTE’s Regional Director provides an update from China

How are Kiwi companies faring in China? How has trade been tracking over this unprecedented period? In this podcast, you will hear on the ground insights from NZTE Regional Director for Greater China, Fiona Acheson. Fiona provides an update on recent big events in the China trade calendar (including the… Read More

Mohammed Hikmet: Taking autonomous vehicles to the world!

Pakuranga, an eastern suburb in Auckland, is probably not the first place you’d expect to find a disruptive technology business. This is, however, exactly where you find HMI Technology’s bustling head office. HMI’s autonomous vehicle Ohmio is designed in NZ, manufactured in China, and exported to a range of international… Read More

Anna Mowbray Part 2: Responding to Covid-19

In part two of our conversation with Anna, you will hear how the ZURU team responded when Covid-19 first hit – maintaining supply chains and dealing with considerable uncertainty.  Anna also shares how during New Zealand’s Level 4 lock-down, she worked with her team to secure high quality PPE in… Read More

Anna Mowbray Part 1: ZURU’s China journey

Anna Mowbray is the co-owner and COO of ZURU toys, the eighth largest privately owned toy company in the world. ZURU is well-known for its disruptive and innovative approach to the industry. The company has now diversified into FMCG developing brands across a range of categories. In part one of a two part series,… Read More

North Asia CAPE Panel Discussion

The North Asia CAPE recently hosted a Post-Covid live panel: New Zealand’s mahi in the region. The discussion was moderated by North Asia CAPE Director Professor Paul Clark, and featured economist and commentator Shamubeel Eaqub; former New Zealand Ambassador to China John McKinnon and University of Auckland Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic… Read More

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