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New Zealand China Council
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The New Zealand China Council NZ China Dashboard provides relevant, accurate, and up to date statistical about the bilateral relationship. The NZ China Dashboard puts the New Zealand’s relationship with China into perspective against other major partners, is updated quarterly and covers the following themes:

Trade flows between New Zealand and China
Imports and exports of key commodities
Investment flows between New Zealand and China
Chinese language acquisition in New Zealand
People flows between New Zealand and China

The New Zealand China Council also releases statistics on a one-off basis in response to emerging issues and current events.

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New Zealand Exports, Top 4 Markets

Fastest growing export commodities, top 3 markets (2009-2015, $b)

Drivers of top commodity export growth for our top 10 export markets shown as the change in exports from 2009 to 2015 in billions of dollars

Dairy, meat and wood exports to China were our fastest growing export commodities.

NZ's share of Chinese Imports, 2016 - Top 10

NZ supplies 0.4% of China’s imports.

Nearly two thirds of all dairy imports that enter China borders are from NZ. Dairy has mainly driven the growth in exports over the past 10 years. NZ also supplies meat, forestry, seafood and related products to China.

China's share of NZ Imports, 2014 - Top 10

China supplies 14.5% of NZ imports.

Many of our goods mainly come from China, including apparel and footwear, furniture. Prefabricated buildings has surged in the past year.

Foreign Students in NZ

New Zealand Imports, Top 4 Markets

Students enrolled in languages (in schools)

PLT Net Migration by Country

Chinese net migration numbers have been trending upwards since 2006.

Chinese net migration is growing from an increased number of arrivals.

Visitor Numbers to NZ, Top 5 Markets

Chinese tourism is surging, with visitor numbers and expenditure growing rapidly since 2010. Annual Chinese visitor expenditure has increased over four-fold from $400 million in 2010 to $1.8 billion for the year to June 2016.

Chinese visitor average spend per day has also been trending higher from $234 in 2010 to $355 in 2016, while Japanese average spend has fallen from $400 to $188 over that same period.

Foreign investment in NZ

Most foreign investment into NZ comes from traditional trading partners like Australia, USA and UK. Chinese investment is lifting from a very low base.

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