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New Zealand China Council
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The New Zealand China Council NZ China Dashboard provides key statistics about the bilateral relationship:

Trade flows between New Zealand and China
Imports and exports of key commodities
Investment flows between New Zealand and China
Chinese language acquisition in New Zealand

The following interactive charts put New Zealand’s relationship with China into perspective against other major partners.


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New Zealand's Goods Exports: Top Markets ($b per year)

New Zealand exports $15.5 billion worth of goods to China every year,  almost double that of our next biggest export market, Australia.

NZ's Share of China's Imports: Top 10 (2018)

NZ supplies more than half of all dairy that China imports from the world.  New Zealand also supplies a significant amount of the wood, meat, fruit and wool that China imports.

China's Share of New Zealand's Imports: Top 10 (2018)

Many of the goods that New Zealand imports are supplied primarily by China, such as clothing, toys and games, furniture and footwear.

International Fee Paying Students in NZ

There are 36,000 fee paying students from China in New Zealand.  This makes China the largest source of students, followed by India, Japan and Korea.

New Zealand's Imports: Top Markets ($b per year)

China is our largest source of imports, at nearly $13b a year, followed by Australia, USA and Japan.

NZ Secondary Students Learning a Foreign Language

The number of secondary level students learning Chinese in New Zealand is growing slowly, but still well below the number that study French, Japanese or Spanish.  There is a large drop-off in Chinese learners between primary and secondary levels.

NZ Primary Students Learning a Foreign Language

There has been a big increase in the number of primary level students learning Chinese in New Zealand in recent years, at nearly 65,000.

Visitor Numbers to New Zealand: Top Markets

Chinese tourist numbers have slowed slightly following a peak of 431,000 in January.  China is still our second-largest source of inbound tourism, following Australia at nearly 600,000 visitor arrivals per year.

Foreign Investment in NZ (Stock of FDI, $m)

Foreign investment from China, including Hong Kong reached $10.58b in 2018.  This is still well below Australia at $56.84 b, and is low considering the size of the relationship in trade, people to people links and other connections.

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