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Qingming Festival 2024

Qingming Festival lands on April 4th, 2024. Join us to explore the rich traditions and evolving customs of this festival… Read More

Lianghui 2024

This year, China’s annual “Two Sessions” (Liǎnghuì, 两会”) start on 4 March. What are the Two Sessions? Why do they… Read More

Qixi Festival 2023

In 2023 the Qixi Festival falls on Tuesday 22 August. Qixi Festival also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. In… Read More

Mandarin & Cantonese

Mandarin and Cantonese are the two most commonly spoken Chinese languages in NZ. Have you wondered what the main differences… Read More

Chinese Characters

Watch this explainer to learn about Chinese characters. Did you know there are simplified and traditional versions, and do you… Read More

Chinese Surnames

In this explainer learn all about Chinese surnames, including the most popular surnames and how to pronounce them in Mandarin. Read More

China’s Five-Year Plan

In this video we explain China’s Five Year Plan, a comprehensive policy blueprint released by the government every five years… Read More

Dual Circulation

This explainer is all about ‘Dual Circulation’, one of the key areas of focus in China’s 14th Five Year Plan… Read More

Trade Surplus

In this video we explain what a trade surplus is, and which countries have the largest trade surpluses with China. Read More

Trade Deficit

In this video we explain what a trade deficit is. We note which countries have the largest trade deficits with… Read More

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