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New Zealand China Council
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Tasting the Future: China’s Sustainable Protein Outlook

January 23, 2024

‘How to feed 1.4 billion people’ is already a big question. And how to do it sustainably?

Answers to these questions are not only crucial for people in China, but also important for New Zealand.  China is our largest trade partner:  Understanding its future sustainable food policy directions, and how this will affect China’s food consumption, production and investment, is essential.

In late 2023 we commissioned Trivium China to prepare a research report on China’s policy and regulatory approaches to sustainable food, with a focus on protein. This podcast is a recording of the report launch webinar on 4 December, including the report author’s summary of key findings and an industry experts discussion, co-hosted with the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence.


02.15 Introduction to panellists
08.00 Why does the report focus on policy, not consumer sentiment?
12.25 Author’s overview of report key findings
25.14 How is New Zealand placed to respond?
28.50 A kiwi entrepreneur’s view from the ground
32.50 How are Chinese food producers responding?
43.18 How to follow policy changes in the China market
49.10 Chinese investment into global future food
58.10 Food security vs sustainable food production
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