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New Zealand China Council
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Taking the pulse of NZ business in China with NZBRiC

September 15, 2023

The New Zealand Business Roundtable in China (NZBRiC), a representative body for New Zealand companies doing business in and with China, recently completed a groundbreaking survey of over 50 kiwi businesses to provide a first-hand, on-the-ground perspective of the real business environment and mood for New Zealand companies operating there in 2023.  In this podcast we explore the main strategies, challenges and perspectives revealed in the survey, hot off the press, with NZBRiC’s Executive Director Anna-May Isbey and Executive Member James Robertson (Fonterra).

The NZBRiC Business Outlook Report can be accessed at https://www.nzbric.com/projects-3.


01:40 What is the NZBRiC?
03:47 Background to the NZBRiC Business Outlook Report
04:49 Has the business mood in China changed in recent months?
11:38 How do New Zealand companies staff their China operations?
16:25 What are some of the challenges for NZ companies in China in 2023?
22:10 The impact of the relationship between governments on business
27:13 What does the ‘localisation’ trend for NZ companies in China mean?
36:30 Is the New Zealand ‘brand’ still important for our companies in China?
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