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New Zealand China Council
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Collaborative Horizons: Exploring Science and Research Partnerships between New Zealand and China

July 24, 2023

How important is China for New Zealand as a science and research partner? What do we research together, and what are the benefits and challenges? On 6 July we launched a new report exploring these areas of collaboration. This podcast brings you the highlights of the launch webinar, co-hosted with the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence.


00:35 Why did we commission the report?
05:00 How much collaboration are we doing with China?
07:20 What are the main areas of collaboration?
12:15 What are the benefits and challenges?
18:11 Dairy research
24:45 Medical/cancer research
32:06 Potential risks
34:11 Will recent changes to the Chinese science system impact NZ?
37:00 Involving Maori science and knowledge
45:30 Funding issues
48:45 What does the future hold?
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