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New Zealand China Council
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International education update

November 2, 2021

A year on, we reconnect with the education sector to discuss the impact of Covid-19. Our guests, Derek McCormack (Vice Chancellor – AUT), Danny Chan (Co-founder – ACG and Director – UP Education) and  Ainslie Moore (Deputy Director – International, Auckland University) discuss the impact of Covid-19 on their institutions, explain how they have pivoted, how competitors have fared, and the next steps New Zealand needs to take to re-charge the sector.


00:45 How institutions have fared over the last year
05:44 Possible opportunities following policy measures to reduce out of school education in China
06:31 Pivoting to deliver courses to Chinese students while borders are closed
08:37 Importance of providing a means for international students to enter NZ
12:23 Competitor countries and the impact of geopolitics on the international student market
18:21 Diversification in the education sector
21:28 Self-isolation for international students
22:59 Government support to ‘keep the market warm’
25:17 Long term outlook for NZ’s international education sector
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