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New Zealand China Council
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China and climate change: Perceptions and reality

May 5, 2023

How do New Zealanders assess China’s response to climate change?  We recently had a unique opportunity to work with InstatData, a kiwi start-up which analyses social media posts to gauge New Zealanders’ opinions on particular issues.  We put their technology to the test to focus on China and climate change, as an issue we suspected would reveal diverse public perceptions.  And then we discussed the findings with New Zealander Emilly Fan, who is currently researching in this area in Beijing.

Are New Zealanders’ impressions about China and climate change justified?  How do younger Chinese feel about the issues?  And what more could New Zealand and China do together to tackle this critical global challenge?


01:40 How does InstatData analyse social media posts?
03:30 China’s climate change image challenge
08:00 Two sides to the story
14:20 The need for a just transition in China, not just a transition
15:40 What do young Chinese think about climate change?
22:20 Where do New Zealand and China overlap on climate change response?
25:26 Throwing NZ sustainable exports in the mix
27:23 Can New Zealand and China collaborate more?
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