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New Zealand China Council
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The New Zealand China Council NZ China Dashboard provides key statistics about the bilateral relationship:

  • Trade flows between New Zealand and China
  • Imports and exports of key commodities
  • Investment flows between New Zealand and China
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Chinese language acquisition in New Zealand

The following interactive charts put New Zealand’s relationship with China into perspective against other major partners.

New Zealand's Goods Exports: Top Markets (NZ$b per year)

New Zealand exports $20 billion worth of goods to China (year to December 2022), over double that of our next biggest export market, Australia.

Source – Stats NZ

New Zealand's Goods Imports: Top Sources (NZ$b per year)

China remains our largest source of imported goods, at over NZ$18b (year to December 2022), followed by Australia, USA, South Korea and Japan.

Source – Stats NZ

New Zealand's Share of China's Goods Imports: Top 10 (2022)

NZ supplies more than half the dairy products that China imports from the world. New Zealand also supplies a significant amount of the wood, meat and fruit that China imports.

Source – Global Trade Atlas

China's Share of New Zealand's Goods Imports: Top 10 (2022)

Many of the goods that New Zealand imports are supplied primarily by China, such as clothing, toys and games and furniture.

Source – Global Trade Atlas

Foreign Investment in New Zealand (Stock of FDI, NZ$m)

Foreign investment from China, including Hong Kong reached $11.5b (year to March 2022).  This is well below our largest investor, Australia (at $69b), and is relatively low considering the size of the trade relationship, people to people links and other connections.

Source – Stats NZ

International Fee Paying Students in New Zealand

There were over 15,000 fee-paying students from China studying in New Zealand in 2021. China thus remains the largest source of students, followed by India, South Korea, Japan and Viet Nam.

Source – https://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/statistics/international-students-in-new-zealand

Visitor Numbers to New Zealand: Top Sources

Prior to COVID (2019) China was New Zealand’s second largest source of visitors behind Australia. In January 2023 it ranked 7th , but market recovery is expected now that borders have re-opened.

Source – Stats NZ

NZ Secondary Students Learning a Foreign Language

The number of secondary level students learning Chinese in New Zealand has declined and remains below the number that study French, Japanese or Spanish.

Source – https://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/statistics/international-students-in-new-zealand

NZ Primary Students Learning a Foreign Language

There has been a big increase in the number of primary level students learning Chinese in New Zealand in recent years, with nearly 65,000 primary students currently studying Chinese.

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