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New Zealand China Council
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Mark Tanner’s China market insights

December 18, 2020

“A lot of these Chinese companies are just much more dynamic and take more of a Lean Start-up approach. And I think as New Zealand companies exporting, we need to be aware of the way they operate. And in some cases, try and replicate some of the structural advantages.”

What are the current consumer trends in China? How are New Zealand businesses tracking, and what could they be doing better? How are Chinese businesses succeeding in the market, and what can we learn from them? These are some of the questions discussed in our podcast with New Zealander Mark Tanner, Founder and Managing Director of Shanghai based market strategy and research agency China Skinny. China Skinny is the world’s most widely read marketing newsletter on Chinese consumers, and Mark is an in-demand keynote speaker addressing audiences across the globe.


00:59 How NZ companies are tracking
04:47 Scientific claims and marketing these in China
07:12 Do Chinese consumers have brand loyalty?
08:19 Role of packaging in marketing products in China.
11:26 How important is store placement?
12:44 Fresh vs frozen
14:49 The rise of digital channels
07:16 Importance of understanding retailers, channel partners and consumers.
18:41 How Chinese businesses are winning in China, and what we can learn from them.
26:54 The NZ advantage
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