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John Cochrane on his China Tech Journey

May 7, 2021

New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCTA) and North Asia CAPE recently hosted a technology focused breakfast seminar featuring John Cochrane, General Manager of Facteon Intelligent Technology. John has had a fascinating China journey, working across both the private and public sectors on China focused business.

John was CEO of Beijing-based Commtest, which produces vibration-analysis instruments, from 2002-2011. At Commtest John assembled and led a 100% local team that converted large Chinese SOEs into customers, and oversaw the firm’s successful acquisition by GE. From 2012-2016, John was New Zealand Trade Commissioner to South China based in Guangzhou, where he interacted with approximately 180 companies and supported NZD 145 million of new product sales into the region. John sought a move back home in 2017 and worked for a period as Head of Business Attraction for ATEED, where he deepened the Auckland-Guangzhou-LA ‘Tripartite’ relationship.

John is now General Manager of Facteon (formerly Fisher & Paykel Production Machinery Ltd), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haier. At Facteon, John leads an Auckland-based team working closely with its Chinese parent

Thanks to both NZCTA and North Asia CAPE for sharing John’s talk on our platform.

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