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Impact of Covid-19 on International Education

August 19, 2020

International education is NZ’s 5th largest export earner, contributing almost $5b to our economy and supporting more than 45,000 jobs. Closing our borders has required our education institutions to adapt to unique circumstances.

We recently discussed the impact of Covid-19 on international education with Professor Jenny Dixon, Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of strategic engagement at the University of Auckland, and Council Members Derek McCormack, Vice Chancellor at AUT and Chair of Universities New Zealand, and Danny Chan, co-founder of ACG and Director of UP Education.

Since we recorded the discussion, the Australian and Canadian governments have started to prepare to bring international students back to their countries, making many of the points raised by our discussants even more relevant.

In this podcast, you will hear the panellists discuss how they’ve been dealing with the impact of Covid-19; what quarantine measures could be taken to safely bring the students back; the benefits of international education for our economy and people-to-people links, and the importance of re-starting international engagement.


00:45 Impact of Covid-19 on institutions and mitigation strategies employed by the institutions.
09:59 Benefits of international education to NZ.
12:40 NZ’s opportunity to attract the best students.
14:26 The need to hold the election so decisions can start being made.
14:40 Quarantine measures that could be implemented to safely bring students back.
16:35 Impact of government’s $50m funding to the education sector.
20:33 Innovative technologies that could be used to bring students across the border.
22:20 Why Auckland needs international students.
23:27 Misconceptions regarding international education.
25:43 Should international students be allowed to work?
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