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New Zealand China Council
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How many eggs, in how many baskets?

August 4, 2020

In order to obtain greater understanding of New Zealand’s trade with China, and articulate the risks and opportunities this presents, the New Zealand China Council commissioned an independent report: “How many eggs, in how many baskets? An update on NZ-China Trade Patterns”, authored by John Ballingall from Sense Partners.

At the launch of the report, Fran O’Sullivan moderated a panel discussion featuring ‘the economists’ – ANZ’s Chief Economist Sharon Zollner, Principal Wigram Capital Rodney Jones and John Ballingall.  Topics covered included whether New Zealand is too ‘dependent’ on China, whether there are comparable markets that want what we produce, what the outlook is for China going forward, and the resilience of New Zealand’s exports post COVID-19.

Tune in to hear what they had to say!

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