Past Events

18th November 2020

Chinese Foreign Trade Policy

Annual International Conference (Online) The Chinese Economy: New Policies, Challenges and Directions Conference Description 2020 has been a challenging year for economic policymakers all over the world. China is faced with managing the… Read More

24th September 2020

Post-Covid live panel: New Zealand’s mahi in the region

The North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence launched ‘North Asia Post-Covid’, a series of webinars and interactive workshops, to provide businesses and decisionmakers with up-to-date knowledge and analysis of the region’s pandemic responses and commercial… Read More

25th August 2020

Strategy Builders for China, Japan, and Korea

Since 2018, the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (North Asia CAPE) has supported New Zealand business owners and managers through its Strategy Builder programme. Strategy Builders were originally designed as single-day workshops… Read More