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New Zealand China Council
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North Asia Post-Covid webinar series: China in recovery

May 19, 2020

The North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence warmly invites you to join us for the first of a series of webinars.

How have countries in North Asia responded to the pandemic? What evolving
trends and structural changes are already apparent, and what will these mean
for New Zealand business? What lessons might North Asian countries’
experiences offer New Zealand companies looking to adapt in an unfamiliar
operating environment?

To address these questions and help New Zealand firms analyse fast-changing
business opportunities and associated risks, North Asia CAPE is introducing
‘North Asia Post-Covid’, a fortnightly webinar series featuring an expert or
specialist panel to provide an update on China, Japan, and Korea.
Join us for the first live webinar with David Mahon, veteran Beijing-based New
Zealand business advisor, who will discuss the current situation in China, the
country’s transition out of lockdown, and what it means for businesses here.
Tony Browne will join as discussant. Tony served as New Zealand Ambassador in
Beijing from 2003-2009 and is chair of the New Zealand Contemporary China
Research Centre, a consortium of all eight New Zealand universities based at
Victoria University of Wellington. His engagement with China began in the early

We will be running a Q+A session with David Mahon during this webinar, giving
you the opportunity to ask questions and better understand the broader
commercial context.

About the speaker
Born in Auckland, David Mahon has lived in Beijing for the last 35 years and is
the founder and executive chair of Mahon China Investment Management
Limited. Mahon China has managed five private equity funds, assisted
multinationals to acquire assets and manage crises in China, and worked as
strategic advisor to boards in a number of industries. Mahon China currently
manages stressed assets for European banks and assists foreign companies to
enter and grow in China.

China’s economy is in recovery. David Mahon will discuss the state of the
economy before COVID-19, the key drivers of the recovery, and the long-term
ramifications for China’s role in the global economy. He will also talk about
China’s relationships with the United States and Europe, and the risks and
opportunities these present for New Zealand. Finally, David will suggest the
challenges facing foreign companies operating in China after the initial impact,
and now with the ongoing risk, of COVID-19.

Event details
When: 4-5pm Tuesday 19 May 2020
Where: Live via Zoom
Cost: Free
Moderator: Tony Browne, executive chair, New Zealand Contemporary China
Research Centre
Moderator: Professor Paul Clark, director of North Asia CAPE
Registration link: https://bit.ly/2SiPJkq

Zoom details will be sent one week prior to the event.

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