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New Zealand China Council
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PODCAST RELEASE: Growth and exposure: How to Assess the NZ-China Trade Relationship?

May 24, 2022

In late April the New Zealand China Council released a report commissioned from Sense Partners, “In Perspective: The New Zealand-China Trade and Business Relationship 2022 Update”.  Amongst other findings, the report confirmed that China’s share of New Zealand’s global goods exports reached 32.6% in 2021.

How we assess this situation and what it means for our exporters were the key themes of a webinar marking the launch of the report.  The webinar included a briefing by report author John Ballingall, and a discussion with Andy Wotton, Chief Operating Officer at Kono, and Simon Tucker, Fonterra’s Director Global Sustainability,  Stakeholder Affairs and Trade, moderated by Council Executive Director Alistair Crozier.

This podcast is a recording of the webinar, which was jointly hosted by the Council and the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence.

Tune in to listen to the webinar. The report can be accessed here.

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