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New Zealand China Council
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Key Findings from our Perceptions of China Monitor: Survey 2018

September 3, 2018

We recently launched our “Perceptions of the China Monitor: Survey 2018”. The key findings are:

  • 43% of New Zealanders say New Zealand’s relationship with China is positive, three times as many who say it is negative (14%).
  • 41% of New Zealanders believe that China benefits the most from the New Zealand China relationship. 28% think both countries benefit equally, and 16% think New Zealand benefits most.
  • Over one third of New Zealanders would like to see trade between New Zealand and China increase. Almost as many (38%) want it to stay the same. 12% want to see it decrease.
  • New Zealanders tend incorrectly to identify China as New Zealand’s largest investor. New Zealanders also incorrectly believe Hotels, Commercial Property and Residential Housing are the top areas in which China invests in New Zealand.
  • 69% of New Zealanders think Mandarin is one of the most useful foreign languages New Zealand schools can teach.

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