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China’s Premier Li Keqiang meets with former New Zealand PM John Key in Beijing

July 25, 2017

Source:  NZ Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong 

Premier Li Keqiang met with former New Zealand prime minister John Key in Beijing on 20 July 2017.

Premier Li praised China-New Zealand relations and Key’s contribution to the development of ties between the two countries while he was the prime minister.

He said China is willing to work with people from all walks of life in New Zealand to maintain the positive momentum of bilateral ties and cooperation, and inject new vitality into the stability and development of the two countries and the Asia-Pacific region.

Premier Li said China’s economic growth in the first half of the year has exceeded expectations, the economic structure is continuously optimizing, and services and consumption are playing a bigger role in driving economic growth.

As opening-up is China’s basic national policy, the country will open wider to the outside world, the Premier said.

China will adopt measures to open more sectors up, including the service sector, and provide more choices for Chinese consumers, the Premier said.

He also welcomed foreign enterprises to invest in China and vowed to create a fairer and more convenient business environment where both Chinese and foreign enterprises will receive same treatment.

Key said that Premier Li’s successful visit to his country earlier this year promoted new development of bilateral ties and cooperation.

New Zealand and China are good friends and good partners and all walks of life in his country are positive about China’s development prospects and will work together to enhance friendly ties and cooperation, he said.

He also expressed hope that ties between these two countries will reap greater results.

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