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New Zealand China Council
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NZ’s winning hand in China

September 15, 2014

NZ China Council is proud to bring to you this much anticipated interview with John McKinnon, NZ Ambassador to China designate.

It has been a month since the highly successful Macro/Micro China event, and after several edits, here is a part of John McKinnon’s insightful discussions on China. In this video, John talked about the growth of middle-class in China, and its increasing demands relating to goods and services, food, housing, tourism, all of these areas NZ has a good record already, he predicts demand is going to increase over the next few years. He believes part of NZ’s challenge is our brand, how it carries its appropriate value for Chinese consumers. Brand NZ is perceived very well, as a set of images relating to tourism, safe environment for children to study, as well as having high standards for food safety…

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