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New Zealand China Council
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July 3, 2014

A visual presentation mapping the growth of New Zealand exports to our key markets from 1983 through to 2013, and includes estimates through to 2018. The nine countries and three groups of countries represented took between 73% and 86% of NZ exports from 1983 to 2013.

Key features (derived from the animation):

Trade agreement between NZ and other countries affects NZ’s export to those countries, e.g. closer economic partnership agreement with Thailand in 2005

NZ’s export to other economies seems to change subtly when compared to NZ’s export to China, which means without trading with China, NZ’s export wouldn’t have grown so rapidly.

Dramatic growth of the Chinese economy and the expansion of New Zealand exports to that market after the signing of FTA in 2008.

Australia retains a significant share (~20%) of NZ’s export market

China dominates around 22% of NZ export market

To watch the animation, click here.

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