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New Zealand China Council
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Richard Leung

September 19, 2018

Richard Leung is the National President of the New Zealand Chinese Association. He is also the Chairman of the Auckland brand of NZCA

NZCA is a national organisation with 14 branches that has been serving New Zealand Chinese for over 80 years. Richard is passionate about engaging with the community and ensuring that NZ Chinese is recognised in our ever-changing multicultural society. Richard has over 20 years’ experience serving on Chinese community organisations in both Auckland and Wellington.

Richard’s strong personal network is a testament to his ability to engage people with diverse interests. He is experienced at bringing together different perspectives and bridging the gap between generations. Through his community involvement, Richard values his heritage, honouring the past while looking forward to create a future for our young people. As a poll tax descendent he also has a focus on fostering relationships between the older established community and the newer migrants.

Richard is a current trustee for the Chinese Heritage Poll Tax Trust which was established in 2004. The Trust aims to promote the preservation of Chinese New Zealand history, in particular, an awareness of the contributions made by the early Chinese settlers.  The Trust also seeks to create understanding in the wider Chinese community and New Zealand society as a whole.

Professionally, Richard has wide experience in a variety of industries. Working in hospitality, operations, and human resources has provided him with a holistic understanding of a multinational business, ranging from hands‐on, day-to-day interactions with consumers to the development of strategic national programmes. Account management, production sourcing and logistics is also a strength, particularly in the garment importing sector.

Richard was also a member of the NZAL Advisory Board from inception in 2013 through to 2016.

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