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New Zealand China Council
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Justin Watson

August 13, 2020

Justin Watson is the Chief Executive of Christchurch International Airport. Prior to this, he was the Chief Aeronautical and Commercial Officer in charge of leading aeronautical development, marketing, HR, customer and commercial.

He has an extensive career in international marketing and leadership roles spanning more than 20 years

Prior to joining the airport company, Justin was the Director of Trade, PR & Major Events at Tourism New Zealand, leading the organisation’s offshore based trade teams, business events and premium sectors, trade marketing and aviation development, along with international PR and major events. Before that, he held a number of significant marketing leadership roles, including Director of Marketing at McDonald’s New Zealand & Pacific Islands and Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Oceania.

Justin has a broad experience base, including significant international marketing and partnership experience, having worked intimately with all of New Zealand’s key international trading partners, along with industry experience across FMCG, retail, tourism and government. Justin has worked closely with the China market for over 10 years and was responsible for securing the China Southern direct service to Christchurch, the South trade development programme and developing a world first partnership with the Alibaba Group.

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