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August 6, 2014

You are invited to be part of the NZCC’s Chinese New Media Initiative, in which contributors help shape the New Zealand public’s awareness and interest in Chinese news stories/media!

Improve your writing and reading Mandarin skills as well as your current awareness of Chinese news, and become a published author on the sites of highly regarded and well-connected organisations all at the same time!


  • To make available to the New Zealand public information that will provide greater awareness on what is being discussed in Chinese news sources, especially those news and events relating to New Zealand.

  • To promote greater interest in the Chinese media space in a fun and relevant manner.

How it works:

Any individual may submit an English summary of a relevant article/story in any reputable Chinese publications, including social media and TV news.

The contributor must personally read/watch the Chinese publication, and provide a written summary of the publication in English that meets the below criteria.

Submissions should be sent to Melody at the New Zealand China Council:[email protected]

This is an ongoing initiative and multiple submissions are highly encouraged.


  • Your submission should be at least 150 words long

  • Your submission must be topical or have relevance for NZ (something that can invoke interests/discussions in NZ)

  • Your submission must include or link to the original source, as well as the English translations

You may wish to include your name at the end of the submission, for publication purposes.


Once sufficient submissions of the requisite quality are received, they will be published on NZCC’s Linkedin Page and may be shared among the websites of other China-focused groups participating in this Initiative.

Submissions may also be circulated more widely and on various other mediums as this Initiative progresses. NZCC reserves the right to edit any submissions it receives prior to any publication to ensure accuracy and professionalism. By submitting a summary, you also agree to NZCC publicizing your submissions in any medium in its sole discretion.

Get Started Now!

Here are a few good Chinese websites in English and Chinese:





Here is an accumulation of websites on Chinese newspapers:


All the best of luck! 

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