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20th September 2020

Happy New Zealand Chinese Language Week 2020!

This week is the New Zealand Chinese Language Week. The NZ China Council has been an active supporter of the initiative since its inception. This year, our Next Generation Members – Nathalie Harrington, Ben Abraham,… Read More

22nd April 2020

Covid crisis a time to reveal our nation’s spirit

It is often said a crisis doesn’t change people, it reveals them. As COVID-19 devastates countries and drags the global economy into recession, we’re witnessing the greatest disruption to the free flow of people across… Read More

18th March 2020

Counting the cost of Coronavirus

Our Executive Director Rachel Maidment recently joined a webinar panel discussion organised by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. The discussion aimed to inform the Kiwi business and finance community about the current and… Read More

5th February 2020

Coronavirus – information for Exporters

The following information is republication of the information regarding the coronavirus outbreak on the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise website ( NZ China Council supports the people and city of Wuhan. “Our thoughts… Read More